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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 8, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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i can. that's it for us. we'll see you tomorrow. special report is up next. dozens killed, hundreds wounded in egypt where the conflict is going and what the u.s. is doing. this is special report. good evening. islamists continue to fight with police and soldiers in many cases taking the fight to them. both sides are xwlam blaming the other for violence and that has left the world wondering what will happen next. is egypt spinning out of control and toward as civil war or will an interim government step in soon to move the country forward peacefully?
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we have fox team coverage tonight. we begin with greg in cairo. hello, greg. >> reporter: by most accounts this night has been so far without any new clashes. but the folks are still coming to grips with the most deadly flare up of violence since the recent unrest began. a deadly turn of events in cairo. supporters of morsi clashed with military and police. more than 50 were killed. and more than 400 injured. activists called it a blood bath. two infants died. this is tyranny and it cannot be seen any other way. they deny they fired upon children and say they were shot at first by armed terrorists and produced video to back up their
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claims. soldiers were guarding a military installation, they were harassed and forced into the situation they said. whichever account is correct, the bloody incident pushed the two sides further apart. the muslim brotherhood called for an uprising. military warned there is a limit to everything. egypt's muslim spiritual leader who also backed morsi's ouster said he was going into seclusion. all must take responsibility to stop the country from going into civil war. violence further stalled efforts by mansour to assemble a transition team. over the weekend, it was knocked down by critics. one thing both sides agree
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organization displeasure with washington's handling of the situation. pro morsi activists say the white house must have okayed with what he this call a military coup. and anti-campaigners say they discounted protests. >> egyptians are looking to enacts their position and they didn't stand by the egyptian people at that time. >> reporter: the muslim brotherhood has called for massive new protests on tuesday. in the wake of the latest violence amid breaking butten do unconfirmed reports that the interim government hands to plan pack p back power to civilian rule in the next several months. >> greg, thank you. the obama administration is still being very careful in how it describe what's going on in egypt. our senior white house affairs correspondent has that story. >> reporter: five days after
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more cisi >> reporter: five days after more cis was removed, at odds a $1.3 billion in military assistance and the u.s. law that says it must be suspended if the military remove as democratically elected president. >> we think it would not be in the best interests of the united states to do that. we are reviewing our obligation under the law. >> reporter: john mccain disagrees. >> i believe we have to suspend aid until such time as there is a new constitution and free and fair election. >> reporter: mccain says morsi was a terrible president but the u.s. should not be supporting a coup. in a bit of a role reversal, mccain is backed up by the "washington post" which says u.s. must suspend aid. and oohe's challenged by the "wl street journal". the issue divides republicans and democrats on capitol hill. patrick leahy says the law is clear and requires a cutoff. but tennessee republican bob
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corker says that's not our priority. >> what we should be doing right now is urging calmness, urging the military to move through this civilian process as quickly as possible. >> reporter: president obama's critics say by not condemning the egyptian military, he's making the same mistake me in not criticizing morsi in a timely manner which alienated some egyptians. it's the same so-called mistake critics say the administration made when vice president biden defended mubarak days before he was deposed. >> would ymubarak has been an a ours in a number of things. >> reporter: then and now, the issue with divisive. the white house shrugs off the idea as once again behind the curve. >> the curve we're interested in is the curve that leads towards a stable democratic egypt where the rights of all egyptians are respected and upheld. >> officials here won't say how
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longful take them to review the rules on aid to egypt, but they suggest the longer the egyptian military can be seen as acting with restraint while still keeping the fight between morsi critics and supporters from getting out of control, the more time that goes by to them. >> wendell, thank you. the presidents of venezuela, bolivia and nicaragua are all offering asylum to edward snowden. castro is supporting their efforts but has not said whether his country will consider safe passage. snowden is still believed to be at the moscow airport. another possible drawback to president obama's signature endeavor involves how much you will have to pay to help other people purchase obamacare insurance and whether the honor system is good enough. here is jim engel. >> quietly announced another delay late friday saying the 16 state run exchanges can take people's word for it until 2015
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on whether they get affordable insurance from an employer which determines whether they are eligible for the exchanges and taxpayer subsidies. the white house portrayed it as another example of flexibilities. >> we have made clear all along when it comes to working with states that we are flexible with the way that they implement the afford only care act. >> reporter: this comes on top of a letter senator hatch wrote the administration asking why the president is already requesting 107% more than three years ago he to pay for subsidies. even before anyone has collected a single dollar. >> they loweven before anyone hd a single dollar. >> they low ball everything. so now they're coming along saying, we just discovered we don't have enough money. they should have known that from day one. >> i don't think most of america will be shocked that a government program is coming in overbudget. >> reporter: critics say an increase in subsidies will be necessary because many businesses will drop coverage or cut workers to part-time in order to avoid the mandate.
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pushing workers on to the exchanges and pushing up the cost of taxpayer subsidies. on fox news sunday, critics and assume e supporters took very different views. >> what it's doing to keep employers from bringing on any employee, it's been damaging and moving it back a year is not going to undo the uncertainty that people have. >> the vast majority of companies in this category provide health care already and will continue to do so. but i think given the potential confusion postponing it, not eliminate, but postponing it for a year makes sense. >> reporter: even critics say the supreme court ruling that the federal government could not force the states to expand medicaid to 138% of poverty will push a lot more poor people on the exchanges and because they're poor give them sizable taxpayer subsidies. >> administration thought they were going to push a lot of people into medicaid. in fact half of newly eninsured are supposed for be in medicaid.
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>> reporter: but supporters argue it should expand medicaid because the federal government1 never less than 90% after that. >> so it makes no sense from a until bet standpoint for a governor to say no. now, luckily we now have nine republican governors who have said yes. >> reporter: according to kaiser health, 231 states have refused to expand medicaid. many fear the administration will break its promises with six more still debating it. 24 whether ill expand it and co the federal money. >> jim, thank you. with all the problems, are we beginning to see the beginning of the he saend? brit hume is here with thoughts tonight. >> what you've been hearing in washington in recent days is the sound of chickens coming home to roost. first came the postponement of
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the so-called employer mandate. the requirement that businesses of more than 50 workers provide health insurance to their employees. nearly four years after the bill passed. but the administration now says it can't do it because of the requirements complexity. because the employer mandate is put off, the best information on which companies are providing insurance and which are not is put off, as well. that means if a person applies for an obamacare subsidy available to low income workers without co-insurance, there will be no immediate way to verify eligibility. so if the obama administration postponing those subsidies until people's eligibility can more readily be checked? no indeed. the subsidies will mostly be paid largely on the strength of the applicant's say-so. obamacare may be on shaky ground, but the an minute str s
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administration thinks the program will be set in political concrete assuming of course that all the rest of it isn't eventually postponed, as well.i of course that all the rest of it isn't eventually postponed, as well. >> so what is your sense of the implementation overall? >> well, these postponements we've seen are i would say are symptom that the roll out and the preparation for it is not going very well. in addition, the government accountability officer said last month that these exchanges which the federal government is going to have to do in 34 states, 16 states are setting up their own, these are the vehicles through which insurance is supposed to be sold under obamacare, that they may not be ready to meet the deadline in october. you put these things together and you sense this is a program that the administration having gotten it through is now having a terrible time pull did go together and actually getting it to work.did go together and actually getting it to work. and one sense is that they may never be able to do it. want to know what really happened in the raid that killed osama bin laden and what was
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recovered there? the pentagon shell game later in the grapevine. and up next, the lone star state becomes ground zero in the abortion battle. impgt this ises ifs if in respect fncs
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[ motorcycle revving ] getting you back on a brand-new bike. now, that's progressive. . text has become ground zero in the abortion fight. the state senate took up a controversial bill today and this evening a pro-life rally is taking place at the state capitol. shane nongre shan known green has details. >> reporter: the showdown over a bill that would ban most abortions after 20 weeks heated up a new today. both sides testified. >> we have laws on the books now that says when you murder a pregnant mother or you have an automobile accident in which a pregnant mother is killed, you're charged with two murders. so what is the difference here?
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>> this goal of eliminating access to abortion is based on religion, not on science and reason. it is a woman's constitutional right to have an abortion. >> reporter: the bill was filibustered during regular season sets minimum regulatory standards for clinics and physicians. including requiring abortion doctors to have privileges at nearby hospitals in case there are complications. >> the abortion lobby is opposing common sense regulations that wean sure that clinics in texas did not have the same atrocious conditions that we're seeing in a clib he can multiple clinics. >> reporter: opponents say the regulatory burdens would come with significant financial costs and would lead to what they believe is the real purpose behind the bill, the closure of 37 of the 42 abortion clinics now operating in texas. a cecile richards says takes fight we will win. the nation is watching and we will succeed again. cecile rich
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fight we will win. the nation is watching and we will succeed again.cecile richat we will win. the nation is watching and we will succeed again. cutting off access to life saving preventive care or safe and legal abortions will not be stood for. governor perry announced he will not run for re-election though he left the door open for another white house run says he's counted the votes and is confident the bill whether pass. >> texas is and will remain a strong pro-life, pro family, pro freedom state. >> stooeks continues to hear testimony before the senate committee where hundreds of members of the public have signed up to speak out. the committee chair says there will be no breaks and estimates testimony will go until at least 6:00 a.m. eastern time tomorrow. the wife of secretary of state john kerry has been upgraded from critical condition to fair. she was taken to the hospital sunday after what friends say were symptoms of a seizure. she was treated for breast cancer in 2009. she is an h echlheir to the hin
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kev oynes kevin unfortune. scotland yard is seeking access to a recording that reportedly features the chairman of news corp speaking privately to employees at the sun newspaper in london. the guardian and other published reports about the tape have quoted murdoch as having discussed with staffers allegations that reporters and editors at the sun and other fleet street publications hacked in to private telephones and paid cash to police in pursuit of stories. news uk has maintained that murdoch, quote, never knew of payments made by some staff to police before news corporation disclose that hs that. fox news is owned by a part of the company now called 21st century fox. still ahead, president obama is patting himself on the back for transparency in government. first the early theory on what
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caused saturday's dwedly plane crash in san francisco.
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it has long been said that speed kills. the implication being that too much of it can be deadly. well, now it appears too little may be too blame for saturday's deadly crash at san francisco airport. the latest from san francisco tonight. >> reporter: good evening. federal investigators are talking to the pilots and flight crew of the aircraft right now and those interviews will be critical because by all accounts, there was nothing wrong with the airplane until just seconds before it crash landed here on saturday. they have also collected wreckage that wound up in san francisco bay including a big piece of the tail which is believed to have hit the ground
3:23 pm
first. investigators with the national transportation safety board say this landing went from routine to disaster in less than ten seconds. >> they were cleared to land by the towers. and then there was the accident sequence and subsequent launch of the emergency responders on the airport property. >> reporter: we know from the flight data recorder that the plane was flying 40 miles an hour slower than it should have been. we know from the cockpit voice recorder that the crew tried to abort the landing but it was too late. while the pilot at the controls had logged nearly 10,000 hours flying 747s and other aircraft, he only had 43 hours on the boeing 777 and at this landing here in san francisco was part of his training. dramatic pictures from inside the plane show the extent of the damage and earlier today, some of the first responder describe
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the chaos the chaotic scene. there is a possibility that one of the girls killed was struck by a responding engine. a biopsy is being done. with three of the four runways opened here again, more flights are able to get in and out and more of the stranded passengers we've seen here over the past couple of days are finally able to make their travel arrangements and get on their way. but there are still no word on when that fourth run way will reopen. the wreckage will stay out there until federal investigators say they have what they need. back to you. >> claudia, thank you. canadian police say at least 13 people are dead and about 40 others still missing from the oil tanker explosion just across the u.s. border in quebec. the scene is so hazardous that search efforts have been difficult. it appears the brakes on the train's cars failed sending it crashing in to a town near the
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border with maine. the legal tug of war continues over who was crying for help during the deadly confrontation between george zimmerman and trayvon martin made that left martin dead and zimmerman charged with murder. phil keating has testimony from some of zimmerman's friends and associates today. >> reporter: george zimmerman's self-defense case began its first full day right where it left off friday night when zimmerman's mother and uncle identified the voice screaming on the 911 tape as zimmerman's voice, not trayvon martin's. >> i want to go out there. i don't know what's going on. >> do you know whose voice that is in the background screaming? >> yes, that's definitely georgie. >> there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that is george zimmerman. >> i've heard him speak many times. i have no doubt in my mind that's his voice. >> reporter: with each witness, prosecutors repeatedly questioned whether the witnesses
3:26 pm
had ever heard what trayvon martin screaming voice sound tz like. all answered no. prosecutors also played over and over for the jury the other police call from that night, the one made by zimmerman to police when he was initially following martin in the neighborhood describing the you been armed 17-year-old as suspicious and up to no good. that time zimmer map who led the neighborhood watch appeared to show pent up wh neighborhood watch appeared to show pent up frustration. but the defense believes perhaps the most critical voice analysis came from trayvon martin's father. first detective serino testified martin's father when originally asked if it was his son's screams indicated no. then zimmerman's attorney dramatically called tracy martin himself to the stand. >> your words were i can't tell? >> something to that effect, but i never said, no, that wasn't my son's voice.
3:27 pm
>> reporter: also of >> reporter: also testifying, zimmerman's former trainer who said he was predominantly fat. and late this afternoon, key rulings from the judge, she will allow the defense to show this jury trayvon martin's toxicology results which show levels of thc were in his bloodstream the nice that trayvon martin died. >> phil, thank you. >> the pentagon shell game over the bin laden raid. and remember those flowers planted by a good samaritan in grapevine update is next. could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yep, everybody knows that. well, did you know some owls aren't that wise? don't forget i'm having brunch with meghan tomorrow. who? meghan, my coworker. who?
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now the political grapevine. as we reported previously, the 112th congress was the least proce productive ever in terms of passing laws. the 113th congress which is back in session today is on a record breaking pace of do nothingness. the 112th passed only 283 laws in its two year tenure. the lowest number since folks started keeping records about congress in the '40s. at the quarter mark, the current congress has only passed 15 laws compared to 23 in the first six months of 2011. both congresses are equally disliked with gallup approval ratings in the teens. the documents from the 2011 raid on the osama bin laden
3:32 pm
hideout have now been wiped clean we're told from the pentagon's commuters. and transferred to the cia. the move makes acquiring records through freedom of information asks more difficult. an advocate said welcome to the shell game this place of open government. if you guess the right shell, we might show the records to you. the cia says the move is completely legitimate because the raid was conducted under its authority. the agency denies the finals were moved to avoid freedom of information requests. a couple of weeks ago, we told you about the man who got in trouble for secretly planting flowers in a d.c. metro station. the gardnener was threatened wih jail time. "washington post" reports metro employees did take care of them by tear being they will out, leaving only empty flower boxes. local officials are not pleased. quote, they paid people to tear out plants that everyone loves.
3:33 pm
talk about fixing something that's not broken. despite a spring and summer of scandal, president obama said today that many parts of the federal government are more transparent today than ever before. tonight the president's effort to reshape government this his campaign's image. >> reporter: new technology enabled obama supporters to organize themselves so well in 2008 and 2012 that president obama said this morning he thinks the government should operate more like his campaign. >> dealing with the federal government is not always high tech. and it's not always user friendly. so over the past 4 1/2 years, we've worked diligently to change that. >> reporter: the president says new websites and smartphone apps will soon make it easier for people to get federal help when they need it, but others say making government easy does not necessarily make it better. >> the goal should be first and foremost to look at what the government does, not so much how
3:34 pm
it does it. >> reporter: economically significant regulations have increased 148% in the last decade. still, though, president obama says that in his second term, there will be savings. >> just by working to get rid of overlapping i.t. system, we've identified savings. >> reporter: number crunchers are warning that today's promises will not slow down the damage caused by years of regulation. >> the health care industry is going to see higher costs, employers will see higher burdens, more expensive care. and individuals will likely see higher premiums as a result of the afford able care act. power plants in addition to the greenhouse gas push will probably continue to close. >> reporter: on average in 2013, a new regulation has been added every two hours and 9 minutes. and since 2009, more than 16,000 new regulations have hit the books. but president obama says his
3:35 pm
administration has made huge swathes of the government more efficient than ever before. >> all right, peter, we'll see. thank you. markets today gained some ground. the dow was up 89 points. the s&p 500 gained 9. the nasdaq finished ahead 5. taking a look at what's trending today. the last request of a long suffering cleveland browns football fan with a sense of humor is all over twitter tonight. here is the obituary for 55-year-old who was a browns season ticket holder and died last thursday. quote, he respectfully requests six cleveland browns pallbearers, so the browns can let him down one last time. the panel is next. we'll talk about what the u.s. is doing and what could be next in egypt. ♪
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president obama made clear our deep concern about the decision made by the egyptian armed forces to remove president morsi from power and suspend the constitution. it is also important to acknowledge that tens millions have legitimate grievances with president more significant "'s more significant's undemocratic form of government and they do not believe it was a coup. >> one of the most respected institutions is their military. and i think their military did what they have to do in terms of replacing the elected president. but anything further i think beat wa we'll wait for consultations on how we would move ahead. > >> violence continues in egypt as we are now five days after morsi was removed in power. 50 killed overnight, 400
3:40 pm
injured. muslim brotherhood calling it a massacre, military saying they were responding to being fired upon. let's bring in our panel. fred barnes, amy stoddard, and charles. every place you turn, there seems to be a different take on where the u.s. too have continued aid to egypt and how to characterize what exactly is going on. >> well, one other place to look is the white house because they have had many different takes. i love jay carney today, on the one hand military shouldn't have done what it did. on the other hand, real grievances of tens of millions of people against morsi. so onwhat's the administration' policy? if you go back, you see the u.s.
3:41 pm
which had tremendous through in egy influence in egypt. but what has happened to president obama? he backed the protestors and n mubarak originally. then mubarak had to go and he certaicked morsi. henever complained about it that more city was this office, refused to excerpt any influence on him. and now he's stuck with the military. he continued the aid. the president need as strong policy of trying, it may not work, but trying to force the egyptians and now the military into doing the right things. you can't do it just rhetorically and say they should appoint a civilian government. that won't work. you really have to push hard and the u.s. has the leverage to do it. >> you look at some of the pictures from some of the protests and the signs that are up. president obama is not getting a lot of positive response.
3:42 pm
neither is the u.s. ambassador t, ann patterson. they're saying that she wasth m. our government supports the egyptian military and that egyptian military, everybody knows that. and that military just negated a democratic election. and ousted someone from office. it's unclear now at this point if president obama can convince privately or the ambassador convince the egyptian military privately to release morsi to try to calm these escalating tensions and try to engage the brotherhood and bring them around into the process of forming a unity government. that if you look at what's happening there today looks not remotely possible. so now we have this escalation on both sides where the u.s. is not in a position to take a side. the the administration keeps saying we're not supporting any
3:43 pm
party, but everybody knows that the military there is supported by the u.s. government.we're no but everybody knows that the military there is supported by the u.s. government. >> charles, as michael rubin wrote, morsi was able to do in one year what it took mubarak three decades to do. which was turn the egyptian population against him. what do you think the administration should do? >> well, i don't think i've ever said this, but i think carney actually got it exactly right today. and that is to essentially take the lid away and postpone our decision. my regard for john mccain is unlimited, but i think he got it wrong when he said that we should suspend aid. what we need to do is suspend judgment. and the reason that we have a parad paradox democrat paradoxical situation, it was a government disbanding the democracy under which it was elected. in one year, morsi had more prosecutions of journalists and
3:44 pm
activists than the mubarak regime had in 30 years. and remember that morsi shortly after his election, he gave himself -- he declared he had dictatorial power, unrestrained by the judiciary or the parliament. so if you have a democratically elected government that is disbanding the democracy, you have something unexpected and that's why i think we have a lot of lawyers in the state department, and their job is to find a way around the rigid law that we have. or to actually amendment it. because in this situation what the administration has to do is to wait and see how this develops. if on the one hand the army is able to construct a government of bureaucrats that will start a process to a new constitution and to elections and secondly on the part of the brotherhood, if it decided it will go into guerilla war against the army the way that the islamists and algeria did in '92, in which case we will have an easy choice.
3:45 pm
>> charles, you have said the administration is out of the middle east, not being active and engaged. n now you're saying don't get in. you have a lot of leverage. >> one of the reasons that we are where we are now is because since the beginning of the administration, the withdrawal from iraq, the total withdrawal from libya, leading from behind, the action in syria and the way the policy was completely undetermined in mubarak ear remarks th ear remarks they led to a situation where you have a vacuum. but with the situation changing hourly, we're not in position to s decide which way to go.vacuum. but with the situation changing hourly, we're not in position to decide which way to go.where yo. but with the situation changing hourly, we're not in position to decide which way to go.vacuum. but with the situation changing hourly, we're not in position to decide which way to have. but with the situation changing hourly, we're not in position to decide which way to go.have a v. but with the situation changing hourly, we're not in position to decide which way to go. otherwise we could make a huge mistake if we acted prematurely right now. >> last word.
3:46 pm
>> the last wrord ord is the pr is we've been waiting around during the entire bom edobama administration and been butffetd around and i'm not sure any good could come from waiting. >> suspension of aid would only hurt our cause. >> i agree we should keep the aid. that's the leverage we have of influence. >> and that's what the administration is doing. it's waiting and watching. >> last word just goes out the door. next up, is obamacare unraveling?
3:47 pm
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>> we have made clear all along, when it comes to working with states that we are flexible with the way that they implement the affordable care act. the decision to postpone
3:50 pm
implementation of this provision of the affordable care act will have no significant impact on implementation overall of the affordable care act. that's because we are interested in getting it right. >> there was supposed to be a technical corrections bill at the end of this that never occurred. what we're seeing right now is the many flaws coming out in this piece of legislation. >> bret: well, obama care continues to have some changes, basically regulations and rules coming from the health and human services department. the hhs. now, more than 20,000 pages of those rules defining obama care. we're back with the panel. a.b., one of those came out late friday, a holiday friday, which said that essentially 16 state-run exchanges can take people's word for it until 2015 on whether they qualify for whether they get affordable insurance from an employer or not. in other words, if they make the exchange in order
3:51 pm
to get federal subsidies. >> well, there have been some back and forth on what the hhs is going to do. it's not that we'll be completely unavailable but there is going to be unverifiable delay in verifying whether you have that option. not necessarily they will track your income but whether or not you have the option to your employer. really essentially without confusing anyone anymore. let's talk about the fact that the exchanges, which are supposed to be up and running october 1 and are not on track to do so are supposed to enroll young and healthy people. that is the measure of cost control. so, even if you try to slide this, so you bring everyone in because they are going to get all these subsidies and it's not verifiable and sounds so appealing you are still bringing in people with preexisting conditions. shopping for insurance, gaming the system if they look to do that you are not bringing in young, healthy, new consumers. and that is still the goal
3:52 pm
that that's the lever by which the whole control cost. it might be a blatant play at more enrollment but it's still not going to end up meeting the goal which is so that costs are controlled you have a big broad pool. it's still going to be a pool of people who have conditions trying to get the best plan. >> bret: right. these changes are happening. we have the employer mandate pushed back. we have a letter from senator hatch that says why the administrator asking for 107% for the federal subsidies before anybody has been paid $1. >> because the entire enterprise was a guy began nic bait and switch. the administration tried every gimmick in the book so that the president would say obama care won't cost the treasury a dime. he said it again and again. and anybody over the age of 9 would understand if you are going to give health insurance to 30 million new americans, of course it's going to increase the cost.
3:53 pm
it's a law of nature. but they pretended with all the gimmicks and all the postponements and suspensions are now the parts of the bill that are either going to raise revenue or control cost. the employer mandate was a way to get the fines or the insurance provided by the employer. so that is out of the way. it's going to increase the cost. well, it was postponed now, which was a way to know if somebody is cheating in getting a subsidy in the exchange is out the window. it's going to be enormous amounts of abuse the idea of enrolling young people there is no incentive if you are a 20-year-old to spend a fortune on a plan with all kinds of bells and whistles when you pay a fine and if is cost effective. implemented because they hope people subsidies with all the fraud and abuse, what people are getting raise taxes hugely as a way to cover it as it is done in canada and in britain. >> bret: it's important to point out as a.b. mentioned
3:54 pm
you can still check income whether they qualify but whether they have insurance through their employer is the part that's getting pushed back in the 16 states. bottom line, fred, this is like a quilt work of different states. it's all different because they didn't all sign on together. where does this go? does this actually launch in october and then january 1st 2014, do you think? >> something will launch in october. i'm not sure what it is. jay carney said they are interested in getting it right. they are mainly interested in getting it going. however, you know, whether it's ready or not. and they are going to have something and they are going to be handing out subsidies. the truth is it is almost impossible once you are giving somebody money to get that back. look what happened on the farm bill. what was the farm bill was about food stamps. food stamps eligibility has increased incredibly first under george w. bush and in the stimulus in obama that
3:55 pm
failed. the original idea was to bring back some of that money. you don't need food stamps going to that many people and to fry to do any of that is impossible. you can't take the money back. that's why they want to sign these people up. so, something will get going. it may not be coherent, workable, health care plan but health insurance plan, but, boy, they will be handing out the subsidies. >> bret: 10 seconds, a.b. is healthcare the big issue in 2014. >> absolutely the big issue. the one issue that unites the republican party with all its separate wings. so democrats are really dreading defending this in a third election. >> bret: that is it for the panel. stay tuned for an effort at a video met for. metaphor. that's why there's beneful baked delights. from crispy crackers to shortbread cookie dog snacks,
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>> bret: finally tonight, as we told you earlier, nsa leaker edward snowden is searching for asylum. he may have some options. he is believed to still be in the moscow airport. one late night tv host drew, well, it was a unique
3:59 pm
video metaphor to try to describe snowden's relationship with the nsa. >> the following is a video metaphor for what happened with edward snowden and the nsa. the guy represents the nsa. the plane represents snowden. snowden was a high school dropout but was hired by the nsa. with a little work and encouragement. >> go right across the line if you fly it right. >> they were able to let snowden's light soar but ultimately. >> whoa. [ laughter ] >> it didn't work out too well. he used other words. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report." good to be back fair, balanced and still unafraid. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, the country music star randy travis critical at a hospital in texas. plus, details of the chaos in the cockpit just seconds
4:00 pm
before the plane crashed in san francisco. was it pilot error? investigators say the jet was flying too low and too slow right before impact. >> the engine about 50% power. >> shepard: passengers and first responders tell what they saw. >> everything fell apart. people got trapped climbing over stuff to get out. >> we encountered fire initially as we got into the fuselage. >> shepard: tonight, the moments of terror on board